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Nika Health was founded to support communities, governments, corporations and individuals in creating cultures of health and lifestyles that support the planet, society and individuals with mental and physical wellbeing.

Corporate Wellness

“A Culture of Health can help you to reduce costs, increase revenues and profits, and enhance your company’s reputation —benefitting society, your business and employees, your customers and communities, and you.” – Harvard University

A strategic advisory solution that employs a research-informed approach, integrating servant-style leadership principles to foster organizational well-being and societal benefit.


Nika Health international coaching services are rooted in purpose driven and servant-style leadership, catering to executives and individuals alike through tailored support in collaboration with top coaches worldwide. Specializing in diverse sectors, from women in business and C-suite leaders to tech innovators and green entrepreneurs, we offer innovative techniques to unlock purpose, enhance performance, and cultivate meaningful relationships.


The Founder of Nika Health, was awarded a Distinction for her Master of Science (Msc Degree) and our approach is to look at the latest research and scientific evidence, think outside the box and help people move intelligently and innovatively for optimal results.

“Better to work smart than to work too hard. We have to break out of the mentality that we must crush all our workouts every single time we go to the gym – doing the most reps, with the heaviest weights, day after day… pushing one-self so hard all the time, without adequate stability, almost inevitably leads to injury.”

– Dr Peter Attia (A leading Doctor and medical researcher, quoted from his book: “Outlive, The Science of Longevity”)


“I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”
 Joseph Hubertes Pilates

Joseph Pilates was a boxer and athlete who designed Pilates as a method to assist with health and athletic performance. Pilates is a key asset in unlocking peak performance and health.


Rugby players and athletes are now using ballet and barre training to enhance their performance with great results.

Various studies have published evidence of just how effective ballet and barre practice can be in unlocking peak performance

Aerial Pilates

Modern lifestyles emphasize gravity-resisted activities like walking and sitting, counteracting this with exercise that includes swinging and hanging can be extremely beneficial. Aerial Pilates merges traditional Pilates with suspended fabric hammocks for a comprehensive workout targeting strength, flexibility, and balance.

Fascia and Somatic Stretching

Recent research underscores the pivotal role of fascia in achieving peak physical performance, highlighting its often overlooked significance.  The mind-body connection can be cultivated through somatic movement and stretching techniques.

Pelvic Stability and Psoas Release

Exercise science reveals that methods emphasizing pelvic stability are crucial for attaining optimal outcomes. The psoas muscle, situated deep within the core, profoundly influences posture, movement, and stability. Targeted stretches and exercises aimed at the psoas can alleviate discomfort, enhancing overall mobility and flexibility.

Pilates Teacher Training Course


“I wholeheartedly endorse Nika as a coach and am confident that her skills, dedication, and passion will make a significant and lasting contribution to anyone.”

“Any athlete will benefit from Nika’s lessons and I recommend her as a world class pilates instructor of the highest level”

“A compassionate teacher who clients loved working with”

“I highly recommend Nika. She was extremely patient and knowledgeable and has a charming smile that put me totally at ease”

“A reliable team player and lovely individual who we enjoyed having in our space. I would happily recommend Nika”


"A pleasure to work with"

As the founder of Forge Fitness + Performance, a boutique luxury gym in Dubai, I'm thrilled to see our commitment to excellence making waves in the city. Nika has always impressed our high-profile clients and celebrities with her genuine warmth, exceptional skills, and extensive knowledge. Clients simply adore Nika. I first collaborated with Nika over a decade ago. She effortlessly connects with people from diverse cultures. Especially in a city known for its high standards, ensuring our clients always receive the best experience possible. Nika's ethical approach and compassionate nature make her a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her.

Phillip Elder
Owner and founder of Forge Fitness + Performance, Dubai

"Lovely compassionate teacher"

Nika is a lovely compassionate teacher and was offered a position as a regular instructor at The Source (my pilates studio and teacher training facility). While teaching Pilates with us, Nika showed up as reliable, a team player, and a lovely individual who we enjoyed having in our space. Clients loved working with Nika and I would happily recommend Nika for a position.

Renee Watson
Owner and founder of The Source and Concious Movement Education

"Dedication, professionalism and positive impact"

I have witnessed first-hand her dedication, professionalism, and positive impact on people. I am confident that Nika will be a tremendous facilitator in any coaching process as she has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to develop and mentor individuals of various skill levels and in various professions. Her personalized coaching style, combined with a deep understanding of the people's individual strengths, has enabled many to improve their skills and achieve their goals. She creates a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters respect and personal growth and has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. Moreover, Nika is highly committed to consistently facilitate the balancing of personal and professional responsibilities, and she works collaboratively with the individuals being coached to develop strategies for success. Her commitment to giving back to the community continues to have a positive impact with those she is involved with. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Nika as a coach and am confident that her skills, dedication, and passion will make a significant and lasting contribution to any one.

Carla Fortunato
Master Facilitator and Founder of Turnkey Solutions International consultancy Practice and lead coaching certification educator

"Nika seeks to bring out the 'gold' in people"

Nika’s suitability to work with people comes from her heart, she has a warmth and enthusiasm to engage fully and in the moment with people from all walks of life.  Nika is bright minded, intelligent, well traveled and is creative in her problem solving and reliable in all stages of relationship. She is a kind, safe person with a good knowledge of boundaries and a loving and cheerful manner. Nika seeks to bring out the “gold” in people without being blind to the truth of what is actually going on in stressful situations. Nika has a genuine zest for daily life. Inspiration plus a wealth of experience and sound knowledge inform Nika’s work.

Jane F, Australia
Counsellor and Non Profit program Coordinator

"I highly recommend Nika"

Nika was extremely patient, knowledgeable, very aware of my limitations at the time, and worked magic on my knee. She has a charming smile putting me at ease totally. I highly recommend Nika. Physio never helped, and I am now able to bend my knee entirely from her Pilates and Stretching classes, starting slowly with knee bends, leg bends, and other stretching poses , progressing to total use.

73 Year Old Client
Suffering with Knee Injury


Struggling with lower back injuries and postpartum recovery, I was determined to regain my athletic abilities for activities like Tough Mudder contests. Despite my prior experience with exercise and instructors, my sessions with Nika stood out. Her expertise in deep somatic breath and stretch techniques, combined with her exceptional knowledge of anatomy and muscles, brought immense relief and relaxation during a stressful time. Nika guided me from a state of fight or flight to profound relaxation. Nika's method of breaking down core Pilates exercises was transformative; I finally mastered the correct connections and techniques, transforming my practice. I value my sessions with Nika, and her warmth and kindness resonate with my five-year-old son as much as they do with me. She is genuinely dedicated to health and wellness, as well as humanitarian and pro bono initiatives, spending time serving many with her skill set.

Katie T , London UK
Law firm exec and Career mum

"Exceptional Pilates Instructor"

Nika is an exceptional Pilates instructor and possesses an intuitive awareness of the human body. The private Pilates lessons that she gave me were the main reason that I was able to overcome a number of recurring injuries and resulted in true rehabilitation for my body. My work requires me to carry 25 kg (55lbs) of weapons and equipment for up to 14 hours a day under austere conditions. This, along with training as a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cage fighter for over 12 years, resulted in me picking up a number of recurring injuries, and muscle strength imbalances in my body. As my physical strength and wellbeing is of huge importance to me in operating as a security professional, it was essential that I rectified the issues that I was facing to continue to operate at my peak. My posture, focus, strength, endurance and overall sense of wellbeing improved significantly. It has been life changing. Nika is a conscientious and focussed instructor and her knowledge of Pilates and other aspects of health (such as diet) is vast. I believe that any athlete, professional or person seeking a healthier and stronger body will benefit from Nika’s lessons and recommend her as a world-class Pilates instructor of the highest level.

MMA Fighter/Special Forces

"Her encouragement and positive reinforcement make every session enjoyable and motivating."

I recently had the privilege of working with Nika in 1-1 stretching and somatic release sessions focused on improving my mobility and flexibility. She is a truly exceptional person whose expertise and compassion have significantly impacted me. Nika’s experience is great but it’s her genuine warmth, kindness and dedication that impacted me the most. She took the time to truly understand my needs and tailored her approach to ensure personalised and effective instruction. Her encouragement and positive reinforcement make every session enjoyable and motivating. Nika’s commitment to her clients’ well-being goes above and beyond, creating a trusting and supportive environment. I wholeheartedly recommend Nika to anyone seeking to enhance their mobility and flexibility.

Doctor, UK

"Won his swimming race"

He won his swimming race and said he was applying some principles you taught him

Kids Class

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